Best Free Google Map Plugin for WordPress

Sometimes, one requires Google Map to be displayed in blog posts or page to display location of a place, tourist destination etc. Once, I also had to search a lot to find very easy to use Google Map Plugin for my WordPress blog and found many! But then, I was not satisfied with many of them and ended of installing many Google Map Plugin for my blog!

Finally, after doing many trials, I have finalised two Google Map plugin whom I found very easy to install, configure and use in my blog pages, posts.

They are :

1. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin by Alexander Zagniotov

2. WP Google Maps by WP Google Map

Unfortunately #2 WP Google Maps has a pro version which allows you to create multiple maps, but the free one allows you to create just one map! But the pro version costs just $14.99 for three domains, that is $5 per domain, unlimited number of maps!

But if some one wants to go with completely free Plugin, like me, use #1 Comprehensive Google Map Plugin. While #2 seems to easier to configure and use in posts/pages, #2 is not difficult! It may require reading of some 100 lines of English texts and you will be creating many codes for Google Maps for showing your desired location!

I hope this list of just two WordPress Google Map Plugin will help people save time looking for Google Map Plugin!

You may check #1 plugin in action in our Indian Birding Website here!


  1. says

    I’d like to draw your attention also to my mapping plugin “Leaflet Maps Marker” – it allows you to pin, organize & show your favorite places through OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Google Earth (KML), Bing Maps, APIs or Augmented-Reality browsers. A demo and free download can be found on
    best regards,

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