Free Thesis 2.0 Responsive Skin

Finally, one can have a free Thesis 2.0 Responsive Skin, thanks to the recent release of a “Responsive Modification” by Art Of Blog website! While there have been few mobile responsive Thesis 2.0 skins have already been released, they were all premium and costing upwards $30! In this hard economic condition, most probably, everybody will be very happy to learn about this free modification to make their Thesis 2.0 website a mobile responsive!

This modification can be download from here.

This modification is for Thesis Classic Skin which comes with default Thesis 2.0 Theme Framework. While this works for two column Classic Thesis Skin, it would be very easy to convert it to three column without much effort.

In order to download and install this Thesis 2.0 Responsive Modification, visit this link and you may convert your Thesis 2.0 website to Mobile Responsive in few mouse clicks!

Meanwhile, I must mention here that Thesis 2.02 has been released. I do not know what are the updates, but it also updates its Classic Skin!


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